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Getting Started

#Wedge for iOS has been updated, go grab the update now for FREE! Wedge — The Customizable Widget System

If you are visiting this site from an ad or Craigslist, here are a few links to help get you started!


Cydia license give away!
Posted: 3/30/12 17:23


Here are a few ways to win a FREE Cydia license!

  1. YOU MUST be FOLLOWING ME and RETWEET any of the below tweets! The more you retweet the better chances you have of winning!
  2. Purchase Mobile Scanners form the iTunes App Store for $1.99 and receive ANY 3 Cydia Licenses FREE! You MUST leave a review in the iTunes App Store and include your Cydia Account # within the written review. DO NOT use the word Cydia, just leave the account number at the end of the review!

  3. Another way to win is to LIKE these Facebook pages:

  4. Tweet all of these and receive all Cydia licenses!
    • Tweet to Win! #MobileProfiles http://bit.ly/dDZQXt Source: http://bit.ly/hlAmzO #MobileKiosk http://bit.ly/dKSofQ #inSured http://bit.ly/fpQxSv
    • Tweet to Win! #WrightsCS on FB http://on.fb.me/f8zxbz
    • Tweet to Win! #ios #app #marketing http://on.fb.me/feiN9n
    • Tweet to Win! Official Mobile Profiles http://bit.ly/gE5Ijh
    • Tweet to Win! #WrightsCSApps LIVE HELP http://bit.ly/icEH6x
    • Tweet to Win! #apps by #wrightscs http://bit.ly/gG2n1j


Articles gets updated (again)
Posted: 3/25/12 23:30


WrightsCS.com has always had a "blog" style layout with a pretty decent backend. Today, Articles get a new feature! Click on any of the article titles listed on the front page to read the entire article on it's own page. You can also now share any article on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus! icon indicators have also been added to the article page view depending on the category of that article for a better user experience!


Something is ... different
Posted: 3/24/12 17:04


March 23, 2012 marks the beginning of a new design for WrightsCS.com The new Default Theme is now a more rich looking feel for the site and has been needed for some time! I hope you enjoy your experience while visiting WrightsCS.com. Any questions, concerns or comments can be submitted using the on-site visitor feedback form.

If you enjoy this theme, or wish to see the legacy themes, sign up for a FREE Mobile Account or Subscribe to a Premium Membership to receive discounts, FREE apps and miuch more!


Subscribe to Mobile Accounts
Posted: 5/20/11 11:15


When you subscribe to Mobile Accounts, you will automatically receive access to ALL WrightsCS apps. All you will need to do is update your Mobile Account with your Cydia Account # to start downloading!

You will also get access to other special features of this site such as a personal inbox, access to invoices, personal contact manager and much more!


New Mobile Profiles Poll on Facebook
Posted: 4/7/11 10:45


Posted a new Poll on Facebook: Should Mobile Profiles for iPhone include Mobile Kiosk?

With the release of version 2.3 came a universal integration of Mobile Profiles HD which included Kiosk on the Dashboard. If enough users are in favor of integrating Mobile Kiosk with Mobile Profiles, I will combine add the system information kiosk into the Mobile Profile Switcher for easy access to system information anytime, anywhere!

To learn more about Mobile Kiosk, visit the official homepage.


Mobile Profiles v2.3.2 minor update
Posted: 3/26/11 8:51


Version 2.3.1 has been submitted to Cydia and addresses the following issues:
  • Fixed issue with Twitter screen showing persistently.
  • Fixed issues with Facebook login using the Facebook app for authentication.
  • Fixed incorrect screen sizes from Nag screen in Demo.
  • Fixed crash when setting a custom command from the Mobile Profile Switcher.
  • Fixed issue with Color Wheel changing interface to black when no color was selected.


Mobile Profiles HD ON SALE NOW!
Posted: 2/10/11 17:29


For a limited time, you can now pick upMobile Profiles HD(iPad)for $3.99 and save 60%!

When you purchase on WrightsCS.com. provide your Cydia Account # and download and update directly from Cydia!


Mobile Profiles Source Code
Posted: 2/3/11 15:33


If you are interested in purchasing the complete Source Code for Mobile Profiles including Xcode project, graphics, psd's, including the Mobile Profile Switcher extension source code, check out my auction.


Mobile Accounts Migration to Cydia
Posted: 1/30/11 12:33


If you purchased any products from WrightsCS through PayPal and have a Mobile Account, you can now enter your Cydia Account # to start receiving updates through Cydia. What does this mean? Cydia will now recognize the product you purchased through WrightsCS.com. So login to your Mobile Acount now and update your Cydia Acccount!

From Cydia, tap onMy Account, and at the very bottom, you should seeCydia Account #012345. This is the number you will update your Mobile Account with.


Mobile Kiosk gets updated!
Posted: 1/12/11 0:32


It's been long over due, but Mobile Kiosk has finally been updated!

Mobile Kiosk is now iOS4.0+ compatible ad is available for iPhone & iPod touch. Users who purchase Mobile Profiles HD will have Mobile Kiosk bundled already.

Here are some of the updates:

  • Updated for iOS 4.0+.
  • Improved overall performance / memory usage.
  • Fixed a few minor crashing issues.
  • Added a button to System panel showing UDID, pressing will copy the UDID to the devices Pasteboard.
  • Improved Media Player panel performance.
  • Updated General panel's values, Battery, Disk Space info and Network IP.

You can purchase Mobile Kiosk in the Cydia Store for $1.49


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